Our Club

Our club

Selfhood is forged through style. It's created through our mindsets and the community we build around our ideals, origins, life experiences. Some people may condense this down to "lifestyle" or "authenticity," terms thrown around with no consequence, but you know it goes deeper than words. And even though your clothes may say something about you, our goal isn't just to make clothes. It's to challenge the standard, to defy convention.

Words are weapons, and style is a weapon too.

BHGC coalesces our roots and the future of streetwear into a unique identity that only we know. It embodies the collective ideas that contribute to our identity and attitude. For us, a club is that concentration of art and culture that makes a place what it is.

So to be a part of the Club isn't to belong to Beverly Hills. It's to be Beverly Hills.

Challenge the standard,

defy Convention

Who set the rules for what your style should be? Or what Beverly Hills is supposed to be? We're not here to make clothes. We're here to make a statement.

Our team of female creators challenges the status quo, going against antiquated mindsets and outdated standards that make no sense anymore. Our style is our own, and our way of doing things is our own. And if that sounds good to you, we're sure we'll get along just fine.


Our suppliers and embroiders are from our home in the L.A. area and deliver the highest quality products available.

Sourcing locally, our limited pieces are within a new standard of what it means to make a meaningful impact, moving fashion towards more humane and ethical practices. We know that BH has the best. Now we want you to feel how true that is.